Meet Our Coaches

Joe McCallion

Varsity Head Coach


As a coach, I am responsible for preparing each player to be the best football player he can be with an emphasis on teamwork. More important, I am responsible for preparing the same player to be a better person in the game of life. The most successful individuals in life exhibit discipline, a strong work ethic, loyalty, and teamwork. As a coach, I demand that our players exhibit these characteristics. I demand that the players give everything they have to win (What’s Important Now) each play for their teammates, knowing that it might be their last play together. My players will respect the game, their coaches, their teammates, officials, the other team and fans. Through athletics, each player will develop a self confidence that they can and will achieve anything in their lives.

Roll in CYA:

As the President of CYA, I am responsible for the overall day to day operations of CYA Football and Cheerleading. In these current days, we as directors and coaches need to work harder to make this great game safer for our youth. By ordering the best equipment to reduce the possibility of injury, to educating the players/parents and to prepare these young men and women for the season through offseason workout programs. As President, I expect all coaches to display conduct that enhances their image both of themselves and as a role model to our youth.

Through athletics, these young men and women will learn character traits that they will use no matter which path of life they choose. My job is to teach these men and women a little about this great game, but more about the game of life. 


I grew up playing football for thirteen years in western Pennsylvania. In my playing days, I was privileged to be coached by knowledgeable, energetic coaches who helped mold me as a player and a future coach.    I have been coaching football in CYA since 2006. I have coached at every level within CYA and several years as a JV coach at Catoctin High School.

Why I coach:

I have a passion for football and want all players I coach to experience the same experiences I did as a player. More important than coaching, I strongly believe God has provided me with the opportunity to mentor the youth within the community through athletics.  

Bobby Gray

JV Head Coach


I believe coaching gives me an opportunity to help young kids strive to be the best PERSON they can be and maybe along the way, become pretty good football players as well! Football is just a small window of our lives but the lessons learned will serve us a lifetime. We will all have a role and value and knowing that is important and all members of a football have a role, big or small. By understanding teamwork, discipline, respect and unselfishness, I hope our players leave CYA with tools to handle whatever life throws at them as their young lives change. I preach, be better than you were yesterday. Clean the dishes better than yesterday. Treat Mom and/or Dad better than yesterday. Push yourself during conditioning better than yesterday. Just be better than you were yesterday. Growth. Never stop growing. Only YOU can change the station of your life. Be better. Not average. Better.

Role in CYA

Currently serving as JV Head Football Coach. This will be my fourth fall coaching within CYA and second as Head Coach.


Played CYA football through my middle school years and continued with 4 years at Catoctin High School.

Why I Coach

Honestly, I coach because of what I didn't understand as a player. No player thinks about "when it's over", especially at the youth level. I coach to push these players to be something special in life. The football field is a blip on the screen of life. If these players end up playing on Sundays, fantastic! The unfortunate reality is that that most likely will not happen. Be a special parent, spouse, uncle, employee or friend. Work hard. Push yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. Don't accept good enough. I stole this from Coach Plez, "Potential is a dangerous word, that's why we don't stop working."

Chris Cassidy

Pony Head Coach

My Goals as a coach:

To help players of all abilities grow, learn and love the game of football.  At the end of each season I want to be able to look back and see that each player improved in knowledge, abilities and team work.  Above all each player is part of a family, school and community.  It is my responsibility to be a good role model and to help guide the players on and off the field. 

I have been assistant coaching in CYA for 4 years.  In the past 4 years I have continued to learn more coaching and safety techniques by attending different clinics and working with our own Catoctin High School coaching staff to make sure every player is safe and ready to move to the next level.  

I'm looking forward to this season and cant wait to see the growth in each and every player.

Nathan Laird

Mini Pony Head Coach

Jennifer Hewitt

Flag Head Coach

This 2020 season is my second season coaching flag football and we have a blast! I have been involved with CYA football for 6 years now,  I’ve been the CYA football treasurer for 3 years now and this has become our second family. I look forward for the coming season and I can’t wait to see all the returning kids and new faces!

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